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Autoblow A.I. Blowjob Machine

by Autoblow


SKU: 344825


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Buy Autoblow AI Blowjob Machine

For blowjobs, its the best! Enjoy 10 blowjob experiences powered by artificial intelligence. This magic gadget will make your penis feel fantastic. Plug it in, lube up, insert your penis, and enjoy the ride! Feels more like a human, feels less like a machine. Interchangeable sleeves Constructed from artificial skin material, the sleeves feel real and are easy to clean. Edge Button Press to pause and press again to resume the same experience at the same speed. Speed Control Enjoy 10 different speeds per blowjob experience. Gripper and sleeve feel like a mouth! Enjoy 9 A.I. blowjobs plus 1 enhanced blowjob that is different every time Wall outlet Plugs into any wall outlet never need expensive batteries Microchip and sensors Uses a microchip and 4 sensors to control the action. The sensors move the gripper and sleeve to any of 250 different points. Experience the science of artificial intelligence applied to your penis Autoblow A.I. doesnt need batteries. Just plug it into any electrical outlet (110V - 240V). Dont worry, weve designed it to be safe. The Autoblow A.I. uses an all-metal motor, rated to last for 500+ hours of use. Our team tested every male masturbator on the market. Ours feels the best. Using A.I. allowed us to understand and capture real-life blowjob techniques to give you the best possible experience. Uses interchangeable sleeves. The sleeves are easy to clean, re-useable, and work with all penis lengths and girths. The interchangeable sleeves can be easily cleaned using soapy water, or a toy cleaner. Just hold the Autoblow A.I. in place, fire up your favourite website, and it truly feels like someone else is giving you a blowjob. Autoblow A.I. uses a redesigned motor that is 50% quieter than the Autoblow 2 but is also 3 times more powerful! IMPORTANT, The sleeve is stretchy, so the length or width is not very important because virtually every penis fits. The problem is in the machine itself, we do not recommend penises with a girth of more than 16.5cm.

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Additional Information for Autoblow A.I. Blowjob Machine

Model 344825
EAN 704751344825
Shipping weight (not inc. packaging) 2.0500
Brand Autoblow
Controller Built In
Power Plugs Into The Mains
Main features 10 Different Blowjobs
Colour Flesh Pink
Washing Hot soapy water
Contains phthalates No
Material Silicone
Stock Expected Date 25 Sep 2020

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13 customer reviews

Average rating
(based on 13 reviews)
Overall Rating
  1. AI is supposed to stand for artificial intelligence but here it stands for always in

    By Stacy_is_a_beetch November 08, 2020

    AI is supposed to stand for artificial intelligence but here it stands for always in because my cock is always in it. The amount I use it it will probably wear out and I will buy a replacement time and time again forever so I can have amazing blowjobs for the rest of my life. Forget you Stacy!

  2. Imagine a woman, or a guy I guess, dripping saliva

    By Jason TT November 08, 2020

    Imagine a woman, or a guy I guess, dripping saliva and just the thought of sucking your dick. And when they do, they only do exactly what you want them to do with the perfect stroke and not afraid to choke on your whole dick. Now remember most women don't do that, but the Autoblow AI does! When I gave it a try I almost forgot about a woman's mouth cause it just seemed pointless. The fake pussy part gets so slippery wet with the lube and I have never had a firm wet stroke that my whole dick fit in anywhere else. Seriously guys just do it, buy it, don't be stupid

  3. Any guy can tell you how much work it is to really get off on your own

    By PrinceIrony6953 November 08, 2020

    Any guy can tell you how much work it is to really get off on your own whether you use your hand or a fake pussy. So the power it must take an Autoblow that can get you off better than you can get off alone definitely is a lot. Older blowjob toys needed batteries and there's nothing worse than being right on the cusp and then the batteries die. You can't just switch to your hand after that! And getting batteries and changing them at that point is a buzzkill. So when I found out this blowjob toy plugs right into the wall I knew it had the power to keep up with me as long as I needed but to be honest it doesn't take me long to cum with this. If you're reading this I think you should buy it


    By Bracen November 08, 2020

    EXCELLENT! Had high hopes for this brand new epic Autoblow and it didn't disappoint. It's so hard to make a pocket pussy or blowjob machine to feel like the real deal but there's no match to this. It almost controls itself so I literally don't have to anything but hold it and clean it. I don't HAVE to change settings to keep it spicy I can just adjust at the start. Can't give enough stars to Autblow AI!

  5. I'll never need anything else again

    By kingmidasbaby74 November 08, 2020

    I'll never need anything else again. It's good and probably the best investment I ever made.

  6. I like that this plugs in so I don't have to worry about how often it's used.

    By Nathaniel H November 08, 2020

    I like that this plugs in so I don't have to worry about how often it's used. Sometimes seems restrictive but not needing batteries is worth it. I like that there are other sleeves and so many stroke options it doesn't matter what I'm in the mood for I can get it. It's not the real thing but it is definitely the closest you can get. When I need it to seem more real I just talk to it like a woman and tell it to suck better but I guess its better than a woman case it actually does.

  7. What could be better than a blowjob on demand?

    By lurch222 November 08, 2020

    What could be better than a blowjob on demand? To me blowjobs are hands down the best way to get off, because they let you totally focus on your own pleasure. Most time when you're masturbating, even with other types of toys, you're always having to do all the work. Not only is it kind of tiring after awhile but it really takes away all the element of surprise. That's why I've been loving the autoblow, it does things I never thought a male sex toy could do. I love exploring all the different modes and of course it feels incredible. Not quite the real thing but damn close!

  8. one happy lady

    By LadyLuck June 28, 2020

    Just writing to say thanks from one happy lady. Why am I so happy? Because my husband has finally stopped for begging for blowjobs all the damn time! I know I know I'm one of those horrible women who just doesn't really like giving bjs, so sue me! I saw this a while ago and got one for my hubby for his birthday. At first he was almost offended but after I made him try it he changed his mind in a hurry. Honestly it almost makes a little jealous, he loves how one of the modes can basically "deep throat" him which I've never been able to do.

  9. Works exactly as advertised, great for edging

    By edgelord295 June 25, 2020

    Have you guys ever seen those porn videos that are like guitar hero but for edging? Where like you go with the rhythm and see how long you can last? Well I love em and this toy has been an amazing addition to my routine. It's awesome to be able to switch things up with the click of a button or pause to recover then get right back in the rhythm. It's weird because even though it feels way better than your hand, the fact that its its own seperate thing makes it easier to go for longer. Like the fact that it's not totally in your control makes it easier to resist the urge to bust. That's really been the game changer for me -- the rest of it feels more or less like other toys I've tried, but the "AI" features push this one over the edge for me


    By Lickatoad June 12, 2020

    WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE? Well, in my case, it's given me some of the best orgasms of my life. This is hands-down the best experience I've ever had with a male sex toy. So what makes this one so special? Well, as they say, variety is the spice of life, and this is the only toy I know of that has variety built-in to its DNA. Even other blowjob-type toys only give you a blowjob in the loosest sense. It's an easy joke to make but the other ones I've tried are literally like getting a blowjob from a robot, it's just up and down, up and down, same speed same depth same everything. In some cases that's even worse than just doing it by hand, because it can get really boring in a hurry. The Autoblow AI solves this by (potentially) offering a different experience every time you try it. It has 10 settings, but honestly I think the "surpris mode" feature is the only one you'll ever need. It's truly unique among sex toys because you can't tell what's coming next. Even some of the newer things on the market like the ones that link up with a porn video, eventually those will get stale because it'll always be the same set of scenes. The AI will always be something a little different. Of course even beyond that the other modes have a lot to offer too, much better than the rest of the field. Anyway, if I have any complaints I'd say that even though it's a lot quieter than anything else I've tried, it's the sound of the motor can pull you out of the moment. One easy way to solve that is to wear some headphones with some porn on your phone or whatever to drown it out.

  11. Good product, I'm happy with it

    By BeastMode June 03, 2020

    Not bragigng here but I'm a well-endowed dude and you'd be surprised how many times I've run into situations where a toy like this just came up short, if you catch my meaning. I mean, ok it's only happened a couple times it's not like I'm buying 100s of sex toys but you get my point. I was also a little worried the gripping might be a bit too tight but it was like it knew the perfect amount. The texture isn't anything to write home about but it's pretty good, definitely gets the job done so can't really complain there.

  12. You won't be disappointed

    By OedipusRex May 14, 2020

    Let's be honest, nothing is ever going to compare to the real thing... buuuut if you don't have any willing mouths around to give you the business, this is a damn good substitute. The different modes are a great feature (I like the one that alternates between stroking tip and shaft) and the overall feel is amazing. If you've got room in your budget to drop 200$ on a sex toy, then you can't go wrong here.

  13. So far so good

    By Peter April 28, 2020


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