Adding Reviews

How do I review a product?

  1. Log in to your Your Sinful Thrills Account or create a new account.
  2. Find the product that you would like to review by using the menu above or the search box at the top of the screen.
  3. On the product page, under the product name, click the review this product link.
  4. Complete the review this product form and click submit review when you are happy with it.

I submitted a review but I can’t see it on the site. Why?

Reviews are checked by our customer care team before they are posted to the site, so there may be a delay before your review appears.

We check and edit reviews for spelling, grammar and explicitness but do not change your rating or the general gist of it.

Usually it will take less than 24 hours for your review to be approved, but it may take longer at weekends and on public holidays.

How to Write a Great Product Review

The best reviews are those that help someone else make an informed decision about the right toy for them. It doesn't matter whether you loved a toy or thought it was awful, the most important thing is to describe how it made you feel and what someone else would find if they bought the same item.

The essentials

Each review you write should give a brief paragraph about the pros, cons and 'bottom line' to the reader. For people who are skim-reading, if they didn't read your whole review, what would you want to tell them? This is where they get a summary of your review and whether the item is right for them. What are the things that make item stand out? Make sure you give them the most crucial, unmissable information here.

It's all about you

Firstly, tells us about yourself, in just a couple of sentences. If someone identifies with you and feels their sex life is similar to yours, they'll trust your reviews more. Whether you were new to something and nervous about trying it or are an advanced player, why not say so? If you're part of a couple, how does the toy fit into your relationship? Knowing a bit about your experience helps people feel more confident in making their decision.

Getting down to business

Use your item a couple of times before you pass judgement on it. First impressions do count, but you might find your opinion changes (for better or worse) after a couple of sessions.

Having a happier sex life isn't just about the number of orgasms you had! Think about how the product makes you feel while you were using it, not just at climax.

Take the time to play with the item outside the bedroom one more time and analyse the nitty gritty. How is it presented? How does it feel? How noisy is it? This is all useful information for people who can't touch and try out the toy themselves.

Imagine you're about to buy the item you're reviewing. What questions would you ask before parting with your money? Think about the questions first, write down the answers, and you're on the way to a great review!

Bring other people into your bed

Whether you liked the item or not, explain why it would or wouldn't be right for someone else. Think about who else might like the product. Would it be good for sex toy virgins? What about experienced toy users? If you found a vibrator wasn't powerful enough, say so - but remember to say that the toy might be ideal for someone more sensitive.

And finally

Re-read your review when you have finished and make sure you have:

  • Explained what the product does.
  • Described the product's best/worst features.
  • Described your experience using the product.
  • Explained why the product would or wouldn't be right for someone else.

Things to leave out

  • Text speak - please use proper grammar and spelling.
  • Swearing - please don't use swear words.
  • Graphic descriptions - please don't give us all the ins and outs. Readers will want to know about the toy, not your body!

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