Absence is known to make the heart grow fonder—so what happens when you and your significant other can’t walk three feet without bumping into one another? Creating a home environment conducive to romance is relatively simple when you haven’t seen someone in a while, but figuring out how to set the mood when you and your partner are already around each other all day, every night can feel like a challenge.

When the sound of your SO breathing has started to get on your nerves, how do you rekindle the romance and make your home a place where the two of you can unwind, have fun together and—forgive me for this—get it on? Take a deep breath (maybe in another room) and take comfort in the fact that it’s easier than you might think. There are so many ways you can set the mood and add some fiery passion tension back into your relationship—even if you’re both together all day.

From simple changes and additions to your routine that can make every day feel like a bit of a special occasion to some bolder moves sure to reignite even the smallest of flames, the 10 tips below are here to help you separate work time from play time. Having the opportunity to work in the same place as your partner can be a gift in many ways, but it can also create a blurred line between home and office—especially if your office is actually at home.

Take some time to focus on each other and fostering your romantic relationship aside from the day-to-day interactions you have. Communicate what you want, and don’t be afraid to tell your partner exactly what you have in mind. Before long, you’ll be looking forward to the end of the work day for a new reason.

STYLECASTER | How to Set the Mood

1. Send Notes To Each Other During The Day

If you and your partner both work from home or are at home together most of the day, slip them a sexy little note mid-afternoon. It could say anything from “You look cute in those sweatpants” to “Thinking about what I want to do with you tonight.” Whatever you choose to write, it’ll help create some fun sexual tension and have you both looking forward to the end of the day.

2. Light Candles

Nothing sets the mood quite like romantic lighting. Fill your space with candles of all sizes, and ones that light more that just the room. You and your partner won’t be able to help cuddling up together with a glass of wine surrounded by twinkling lights.

3. Make A Fancy Dinner Complete With Drinks

Take a breather at the end of the night and have a candlelit dinner with your SO where you can look into each other’s eyes and forget the stress of the day. Try a fancy new recipe you’ve been saving for a special occasion or make your partner’s favourite meal. Add in some delicious homemade cocktails, and you’re on your way to a truly romantic evening. Of course, if you’re not a whizz in the kitchen, you can always order in and put the take-out on real plates to get the same effect.

4. Send Nudes From The Other Room

Feeling frisky in the middle of the day? Slip off to the bedroom, bathroom or anywhere with good lighting and strip down. Snap some sexy photos of yourself and send them to your unsuspecting partner. The pictures might be so enticing that they can’t wait until the day is over to have some fun. Afternoon delight just got an at-home upgrade.

5. Throw Some Lingerie Into The Mix

Of course, an age-old way to set the mood is by slipping on some jaw-dropping lingerie. Surprise your partner with a sexy slip dress, see-through bodysuit or lacy matching set. It’s an easy way to make any night of the week feel like a special occasion. Feel free to add in a little strip tease or slow walk before you get close to your partner, because odds are the lingerie won’t stay on for very long.

6. Watch A Sexy Movie

Different films and TV shows have different effects on people. If there’s a movie that you know puts you and your partner in the mood, snuggle up on the couch and start watching. You likely won’t get through the first half before your attention is turned elsewhere (wink, wink). And if you really want to step it up a notch, you can also try watching something a little more hardcore. Show your partner what you like to watch when they’re not around and share some of your deepest desires.

7. Tell Your Partner Exactly What You Want

If you’ve got a particular sex position you’ve been wanting try, let your partner know. Send them a list of potential new sex positions or some fun sex toys you’re interested in using. Communication can be sexy, so don’t be afraid to tell your SO exactly what you want to do with them once the day is over—or in the middle of the day if you want to slip off for some mid-afternoon play.

8. Shower With Your Partner

Sex in the Shower Handcuffs

You'll probably want to clean up before you get it on so why not try combining both actions and make that shower extra steamy...

9. Hook Up Anywhere But The Bed

Alternatively, you can skip the bed altogether and plan to try someplace new. Brush up on some shower sex positions or couch sex positions and plan to take things all over your home this evening. If you and your partner both work from home, you can give a new meaning to office sex. It’ll have you looking forward to the evening all day long as you wonder what positions to test out in your new desk chair.

10. Slow Dance To A Sexy Song

For a little more romance, put on a song that puts you both in a trance. Light some candles and slow dance in the middle of the living room. Before long, you’ll realize how good your bodies feel close together—and how much closer they could be. Who knows? You might not even last one song before heading to the bedroom.

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