Whatever you do on Valentine\'s Day — whether you spend your entire last paycheck on a prix fixe meal at a fancy restaurant or just nuke some Bagel Bites in the microwave and catch up on The Bachelor, — if you\'re with a partner, odds are good your night will end with sex. One 2017 study found that 59% of people in relationships plan to have sex on Valentine’s Day — and so do 16% of singles, who may have scheduled a first date for the occasion.

To make Valentine’s Day sex special, you might decide to get a hotel room. Or if you’re staying at home, you might tidy your things, change your sheets, and light a few candles. You could even break your favorite lingerie or best perfume.
Why waste all that work on your same old tried-and-true sex positions? Instead, try something new and make the night memorable. We’ve chosen a few hot sex positions perfect for V-Day here.

The Octopus

Have your partner sit behind you with their hands and legs around you. They can then play with your clitoris, vulva, and nipples while kissing your neck.

The Octopus The Octopus

Splitting Bamboo

In this twist on missionary, put one leg over your partner’s shoulder or waist while they straddle their other leg and enter you.

Splitting Bamboo Splitting Bamboo

The Recliner

In this classic oral sex position, one partner lays back and relaxes while the other goes down on them.

The Recliner The Recliner

Modified Doggy

This twist on doggy style gives you the opportunity for more body contact.

Modified Doggy Modified Doggy

Power Up

Slip a couple’s sex toy (like the We-Vibe Sync) into your vagina so it’s resting against your clitoris before your partner penetrates you with their penis or strap-on. A vibrating cock ring also works.

Power Up Power Up


In this classic sex position, have your partner lay back while you ride their penis or strap-on.

Cowgirl Cowgirl


Kneel behind your partner and finger them from behind as they press back against you.

Kneeling Kneeling

Face Sitting

This intense oral sex position isn’t technically sitting. Instead, the receiver slowly squats over the giver’s face until their vulva meets their partner’s mouth.

Face Sitting Face Sitting

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