The 9 best sex positions to give you (& your partner) intense, full-body, screaming orgasms. Orgasms so strong, she will cry.


1. The Coital Alignment Technique

How To Do It: Missionary is an old standby, but you can change it up by raising your legs and hiking them over your partner's hips, helping your pelvises align and adding some clitoral stimulation.


2. The Crab

How To Do It: While your partner sits on the bed or floor in the crab position, scoot over so you're close to them and slowly lift your pelvis up to guide them inside of you. You may want lube for this one, but it should be comfortable when you get it right.


3. Spooning

How To Do It: Lay on your sides back-to-front and get nice and close. You can use a toy or focus on finger stimulation, by reaching around front or entering from behind — there are a lot of choices to play with.


4. Lotus

How To Do It: Lower down carefully onto your partner, who should be sitting cross-legged, then gently wrap your arms and legs around them. It's another position where lube might come in handy.


5. On Top

How To Do It: Have your partner lean against a couch or a wall as you straddle them. They can bend their knees to draw you in closer.


6. The Double Dip

How To Do It: This position looks complicated, but just think of doggy style and then with an additional partner laying below. There should be room for everyone's limbs, with a little maneuvering.


7. X Marks The Spot

How To Do It: Lay on your bed while your partner stands in front of you, then slowly rest your legs on their chest. As you guide them inside you, cross your legs at your knee or ankles.


8. Standing Rear Entry

How To Do It: Standing close to a wall (or something else you can hold onto), have your partner enter you from behind. Lifting one leg or spreading them slightly should help, but you may need to stand on something if there's a major height difference.


9. Modified Doggy

How To Do It: If you're a doggy style fan, start there and slowly lower down onto your elbows for a bit of a variation. If you don't like doggy as much, start laying on your stomach and push yourself up — add a pillow under your hips if you need something a little more comfortable.