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  • 24Feb

    How to Measure Bra Size

    There is nothing worse then having your breasts bust out of your bras. There must be something wrong. Try fitting. Fitting to the right bra size. Maybe you have to resort to just having a custom made bra. 36 D just might not do it for you... There are all type of women out there, and we all know there are plenty and plenty of sizes out there. All women need the perfect fit to be satisfied. All women need the best coverage to feel comfortable. We all need the perfect bra. So learn how to measure your bra size.

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  • 22Feb

    Tips for Men Buying Lingerie

    Guys, before you set out to buy your lovely lady something special from the lingerie department, here are a couple of tips to help you pick out something that she really will enjoy.

    First of all, buying lingerie for your sweetheart can be both an intimate and thoughtful present, but it depends on how you do it. If you are not careful, she might perceive your present, as merely you acting like a pervert.

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