Sex Positions

Why try new sex positions?

If you’ve landed here, you’re probably looking for new sex positions. You’re not alone. In fact, people have been mixing things up since, well, probably since we started hooking up. However, it was an ancient Hindu text called the Kama Sutra that popularised finding innovative ways to get laid. The Kama Sutra was written between 100 and 500 AD and was published in English in 1883, but it really took off when a version started circulating on the Internet. And that, essentially, is a brief history of how you landed here, in search of new ways to enjoy sex with your partner.

Although the Kama Sutra is known for its sex positions, the text in its entirety was actually considered a “treatise on pleasure.” In its time, it was a manual for living a good life, including how to have a happy marriage, express love through sex, please a sexual partner and create pleasure and variety in a sexual relationship.

New sex positions create innovative ways to get laid

Pleasure and variety – that’s still what trying new sex positions is all about! Trying a new sex position can mean exploring new erogenous zones. It can amp up effort and excitement. It can switch the usual power dynamic between you and your partner. It can help you see your partner from a different angle (literally!). It can help you learn to move in new ways. It can make sex more intimate. It can push your limits. It can mean more pleasure for you. It can mean more pleasure for your partner. It can even mean more pleasure for both of you at the same time. Oh, and switching things up with new positions can also increase your chance of more and better orgasms.

Need we say more?

Here you will find sex positions of all kinds to fit every lifestyle, ability and mood. Pick from oral sex positions, anal sex positions and sex positions that involve sitting, standing and lying down. You can also find positions based on your sexual orientation and your sense of adventure. We even have articles on bondage sex positions!

How should I go about trying new sexual positions?

Some sex positions are physically strenuous or involve moves that could lead to injury. If you’re trying anything ambitious, the key is to start slowly and check in with your partner regularly. And, if a particular sex position isn’t working out for you, you can always move on to something else!

OK, so what’s the best sex position?

Ummm … that depends … on you! Sexual preferences are a very individual thing and bodies are all different. That’s what makes mixing things up so important – and what will help you find the sex positions that’ll really knock your socks off! If you have a certain type of sex position that you prefer – such as rear entry sex, or standing sex – try searching using our blog search in the sidebar. Then again, you could also jump into something totally different and see how it goes!

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