The cowgirl sex position – when a woman, denuded and aroused at her maximum, takes all the process in her fine hands – it can’t, but turns a man on. A slender “cowgirl” is bestriding a penis of the chosen one, moving discouragingly and turning her partner on by waving her denuded breasts. In the cowgirl position, it is a woman who sets the sex rhythm and dictates her own rules, which her partner is to obey. Such positions are in favour due to the existing possibility of a more deep entry of the penis into the vagina, providing a woman with an opportunity of a self-regulating penetration for her not to feel any discomfort. The cowgirl sex position perfectly suits for the woman-wildcat that is in a play some humour, showing her willingness to control the partner, swelling his head and giving him an unbelievable pleasure.

  • 30Jun

    Five amazing sex positions for fat women

    Looking for sex positions for fat women? Movies usually portray sexy women as slim, but does that mean that plus size women can’t or don’t have awesome sex lives? Absolutely not! Big girls enjoy great sex all the time. Continue reading

  • 23Jun

    Here's Exactly How To Do The Cowgirl Sex Position

    Enter stage right your complete guide to one of the best sex positions in the history of, well, sex positions: the Cowgirl. This one is loved universally for its ability to mutually satisfy and give you the power to take control. Continue reading

  • 15Mar

    Everything You Want to Know About Pegging

    It's been literal years since that episode of Broad City when Abby used a dildo to anally penetrate her hot neighbour, and people are still not over it. While the show gave pegging some good PR, unfortunately, there's still a lot of stigma and confusion surrounding this sex act. (Thanks, toxic masculinity.) Continue reading

  • 3Mar

    9 Sex Positions To Get To Know Your Partner

    Having sex for the first time with a new partner can be total fireworks, awkward as hell, or everything in between. But having a cringe-worthy sexual encounter doesn't mean the sex will always be bad. Sometimes, you have to leave room for you and your partner to grow together. One or both of you may be nervous, and that lack of familiarity can breed discomfort. But the most effective way to break through that unease is by communicating honestly and directly about each of your sexual preferences. Continue reading

  • 14Feb

    8 Sex Positions Perfect For Valentine’s Day

    Whatever you do on Valentine\'s Day — whether you spend your entire last paycheck on a prix fixe meal at a fancy restaurant or just nuke some Bagel Bites in the microwave and catch up on The Bachelor, — if you\'re with a partner, odds are good your night will end with sex. One 2017 study found that 59% of people in relationships plan to have sex on Valentine’s Day — and so do 16% of singles, who may have scheduled a first date for the occasion.

    Continue reading

  • 11Feb

    These are the best sex positions you need to try, according to your star sign

    IF you haven’t already tried your sign’s go-to position, why ever not?

    Valentine's Day is almost upon us and that means it's the perfect excuse to get back in the bedroom and test drive some new moves.

    Here's how to work your way through the whole zodiac and what position you and your partner should be trying out, according to your horoscope.

    You can thank us later... Continue reading

  • 6Feb

    Try Out These Popular Positions From The Kama Sutra

    The Kama Sutra, which is around two millennia old, has been guiding people on how to fall in love, woo a person of interest, and most importantly, pleasure one another between the sheets. Written by philosopher Vãtsyãyana, the ancient Indian text talks about the nature of love, dealing with sexual chemistry, finding a suitable mate, and several aspects of erotica. However, for most people, the lovemaking positions journaled in the Kama Sutra still remain elusive. Continue reading

  • 31Jan

    What To Know Before You Try Double Penetration

    If you’ve ever browsed a porn site, odds are you’ve seen at least one double penetration video. This position typically involves a cis woman being penetrated by two partners at the same time — one vaginally and one anally. Pornhub confirms that the double penetration category is the 34th most popular out of over 100 categories on site, and interest has grown 4% since last year. Continue reading

  • 9Jan

    7 Tips To Make Spooning Sex Forking Hot

    If you’ve ever been in middle school, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “spooning leads to forking.” And to be sure, while spooning is an excellent cuddling position, it can also work great for sex. Continue reading

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