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It’s real work to build a partnership

Everybody wants to be in love and nobody wants to talk about what it’s really like to find your way there — or what it’s really like once you finally get there. Whether it’s petty arguments, existential crises, heartbreak or finding a new partner, love isn’t all fairy tales and couch cuddles. It’s real work to build a partnership. We love these sex and dating podcasts because they’re some of the few places that really explore the reality of relationships — the good, the bad and the painful and confusing. Whether it’s advice columns or real stories from folks in the trenches of heartbreak or falling in love, each of these relationship podcasts helps to illuminate what it means to be intimate with others and what it teaches us about ourselves.
  • 1Dec

    Royal Fetish Radio

    Royal Fetish Radio’s mission is to promote sex-positive entertainment and education. Through candid discussions, Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire, with over 20 years of experience in the adult and sex education industry, will explore various topics in all aspects of sexuality. As a sponsor of Royal Fetish Radio, we have outlined various ways in which you can support our endeavor. We believe our sponsors should have the option of choosing perks that are specific to their individual needs. Review our special A La Carte Sponsorship Perks below and let us know which ones fit your budget and current desires. Continue reading

  • 7Aug

    Aural Spaces Podcast: (Ep. 11) An Exploration of Explore

    Stoya was in LA, so she and Mitcz took the opportunity to record a podcast in his living room with clip-on mics (while Mitcz’s cat wandered in and out, constantly distracting Stoya) to discuss some HUGE upcoming changes, and – more to the point – walk you through everything in the latest ZS issue named EXPLORE. You’ll get some fun behind the scenes information, some untold stories, how issues come together, and some personal anecdotes about the motivations, reactions, and more related to the issue. It’s not just an advert, we promise, it’s actually fun and insightful as well. Continue reading

  • 31Jul

    Aural Spaces Podcast: (Ep. 10) The Spark or The Security – A Measured Discussion

    Stoya and Mitcz start with a discussion of their dating priorities, which leads to them both wondering how anyone else treats the dilemma of an instant electric attraction vs the feeling of safety and security. With this dilemma, they reach out to their friends of a variety of genders and dating situations to ask the question and get a range of responses that illuminate how varied the question itself can evolve, as well as the answers, in this most wide-ranging discussion they’ve had yet. Continue reading

  • 24Jul

    Aural Spaces Podcast: (Ep. 9) ZeroSpaces is LIVE

    Stoya & Mitcz talk about their long-awaited collaborative adult web project ZeroSpaces. It’s live now, but we recorded this a few days ago to prepare. There’s also plenty of cat talk, some industry rants, and the usual banter. Continue reading

  • 17Jul

    Aural Spaces Podcast: (Ep. 8) The LA County Measure B Hearing

    This week, Mitcz heads to downtown LA to participate… err.. well, watch, the LA County Board of Supervisors hearing on the proposed updated implementation of LA County’s “Measure B” provision, which is another of those pesky anti-porn “you need condoms, you heathens!” laws. We discuss what went down, how it went down, and do some journalist stuff. Like professionals! Kinda! Continue reading

  • 10Jul

    Aural Spaces Podcast: (Ep. 7) Exxxotica Chicago 2017 Wrap Up

    Here it is, the long-awaited post Exxxotica Chicago 2017 wrap-up episode. It’s a shorter one, both because there wasn’t a lot we (publicly) had to talk about – being a convention and all – and because we’re aiming for shorter, but more frequent, episodes. Continue reading

  • 3Jul

    Aural Spaces Podcast: (Ep. 6) Petticoated Swashbucklers

    This is a special double-episode : Pre and Post Stoya-in-Helsinki edition.

    Up first : Stoya & Mitcz discuss the recent Alamo Drafthouse Wonder Woman screening controversy, lending itself to a brief discussion of masculinity and Bromance (which is officially a scholarly term, we found out). From there, we discuss the two-part T*ts and Sass articles about Hot Girls Wanted, and what they explain about the adult industry – including what Rashida Jones truly think of sex workers (in her own words). Continue reading

  • 26Jun

    Aural Spaces Podcast: (Ep. 5) Buck Angel, Owl Whisperer

    Ohh boy is this gonna be a fun episode for you. For the first time ever we have a special guest : the one and only Buck Angel. He was a g’damn delight, and managed to talk more than Mitcz! We discuss so many things in this episode, it’s easier to use a list format than the usual paragraph style : Continue reading

  • 19Jun

    Aural Spaces Podcast: (Ep. 4) And This is My Bingo Wheel

    We’re back again and finally have a proper name for this thrice-renamed podcast. This time, it’ll stick!

    This episode is far more representative of our hopes for this podcast. We talk a LOT about sex work, sex workers, sex workers’ rights, feminism (and the controversy about feminism vs sex work), trans-folk rights and America’s dismissal of same, answering listeners’ questions, making a lot of jokes, keeping a positive attitude, and exploring nuances of so many related topics. If you stick around until the end, you’ll learn how Stoya and Mitcz met, and hear some fun insider knowledge about their respective careers. Continue reading

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