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  • 12Mar

    Important Safety Tips For Your Sex Toys To Always Keep In Mind

    So you’ve just bought your first sex toy, in which case – congratulations! You are taking the first step to finally being able to fully control your own sexual satisfaction. (And if you didn’t buy one yet, check out all of our high-quality sex toys to get up to speed with the rest of us). However, with a brand new sex toy in hand, comes a plethora of other health concerns. Continue reading

  • 29Feb

    Replace Your Vibrator. When Should You?

    Replace Your Vibrator. "What?!" I hear you say... Finding a truly excellent vibrator isn’t hard — but it’s not necessarily easy, either. It can take a lot of experimentation to find a sex toy that’s comfortable, reliable, and not so terribly pricey that you get distracted thinking about how much you spent on it every time you go to use it. Continue reading

  • 30Jun

    Sex Toy Care & Maintenance

    With all of the different types of sex toys available, and newer, more lifelike materials continuously being created, figuring out how to best take care of your sex toy can be a bit confusing. Though honestly, even if your personal treasure trove consists of one simple slimline vibrator, you''d still like to extend its life as long as possible, right? We''re here to help!

    Continue reading

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