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  • 23Nov

    The Ultimate Guide to Buying Sex Toys for Other People

    Takeaway: Want to buy someone special a sex toy as a gift this year? Read this first.

    Let's talk about gifting sex toys. Obviously, as something that gets used during sex, sex toys require a certain finesse in giving that may not necessarily be the case with other types of gifts. (You can give virtually anyone a mug without fear of offending or embarrassing them!) Continue reading

  • 17Nov

    What It's Like To Have Sex With The Fleshlight

    A few days ago, I peered into the toy box that formerly housed hundreds of my action figures. These childhood treasures would lie messily on top of each other, as if I were hosting some sort of superhuman orgy. As I’ve grown into an adult, this considerably large wooden box is now the preferred storage space for my many sex toys. ­(I’m no Christian Grey, but I do happen to boast an impressive collection of sex toys that I’ve received from various PR companies over the years.) Continue reading

  • 1Nov

    I Tried a Blowjob Machine with Artificial Intelligence, and Now My Hands Have No Purpose

    Back in April of this year, I spoke to Brian Sloan, creator of the infamous Autoblow, about how he developed the world’s most popular blowjob machine. Using a series of mechanical beads, the Autoblow applies pressure to your penis, which is comfortably placed inside a silky smooth sleeve. Continue reading

  • 13May

    Quarantine 101 for lovers

    Self-isolation is the name of the game right now. But this game doesn’t have to be lonely or boring. In fact, it’s time to make it sexy.

    Long-distance couples, you’re the experienced ones here. Sexy chats might be your forte, but with no outside distractions, you have even more time to get frisky. So turn on that webcam!

    Barely-any-distance couples, use this time to up your connection. Whether it’s through emotional or sexual explorations, try to look at this situation as a chance to go deeper. And dirtier. Continue reading

  • 7Apr

    This Metal Sex Toy Is Helping Me Get Through Quarantine One Orgasm at a Time

    A mouth of full 'o braces. AC/DC paraphernalia. Hydro Flasks. People throw a lot of money at metal goods. But a metal sex toy??

    Well, I did. And according to sex toy guru and pleasure expert Carly S., founder of Dildo or Dildon't, a lot of other orgasm-seekers do, too. Meet: the Njoy Pure Wand. Continue reading

  • 20Mar

    Choosing the Right Sex Toy

    Sex toys come in thousands of different sizes, shapes and functions - you could have a different toy for every day of the week! But to narrow the search field, think about your needs and preferences, and consider the following questions.
    Continue reading

  • 11Mar

    The 10 Best Sex Toys for Men

    Male sex toys aren’t the depraved-looking lumps of silicone they used to be. Engineers and inventors the world over have spent hundreds of hours designing, making, and (presumably) testing the sex toys that will shape the ways we choose to get it on for years to come, and their efforts have not been in vain. Continue reading

  • 22Dec

    Here Are the Most Important Things You Need to Know About Stimulating a Guy’s Prostate

    It’s no secret that the prostate is a serious erogenous zone for men, whether or not they’ve fully explored it themselves. But just because you’ve heard of it doesn’t mean you know exactly where it is, how to find it, or, most important, how to stimulate it most effectively to take his pleasure to the next level and, in turn, make sex even better for both of you. Continue reading

  • 23Nov

    Top 5 reasons to own a sex doll

    If sex dolls 10 years ago were as cheap as it is today, it would be as common as a vibrator. Also there’s nothing wrong with owning one. In many ways it’s not only safer than unprotected sex with strangers, it’s socially responsible. There’s a ton of reasons to own one, and we are going to go over some of the most popular reasons. If you are done with women, you may want to read through the very end, what you find out may just surprise you. Continue reading

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