Did you know there are different types of orgasms that exist? Women's Orgasm, in itself, may seem like a tricky subject to most men, but knowing there are different types of Os, and more than one ways to stimulate them, might help. Since there is no obvious release of fluids after a woman's orgasm, it may become difficult for men to understand if the woman has reached the big O or is just faking it(yes, many women do fake orgasms!). A major myth that surrounds the subject of orgasm is that, orgasm can only be derived by clitoral orgasm. This means that orgasm is only possible when a woman experiences penetrative sex, however, it is not true! Research says that about only 18 percent of women orgasm through intercourse and, in fact, women orgasm better with clitoral stimulation. Here are the different types of orgasms, you didn't know of! How Much Time Women Take to Orgasm and What is Their Favorite Sex Position? Find The Answers To All The Secret Questions on Love Making. 

Clitoral Orgasm

One of the most effective ways to orgasm is to play with the clitoris. You can use vibrators and other toys to derive pleasure if you are going solo or help your partner discover it. A few minutes into the clitoral play can give you the big O.

Mix Orgasm

Sometimes it is a stimulation of a mix of different erogenous zones that give you the perfect orgasm. At times, your G-spot and the clitoris are stimulated at the same time to get you the orgasm of your life!

Anal Orgasm

While it may a little difficult but anal stimulation for a good orgasm is real. Stimulating your anal area can give you great pleasure. Stimulation of the anal area will make you feel contraction around your anal sphincter and get a tingling feeling that will make you happy.

Vaginal Orgasm

Usually unveiled via penetrative sex, you can achieve vaginal orgasms when you have intercourse or use a sex toy.


Many underestimate the power of orgasm via boob play. Your areolas and nipples are quite sensitive to touch because of all the nerve endings. A little bit of play with your breast, you will regret all the time you sidelined the boobgasm. Give Her a ‘Boobgasm’ By Stimulating Her Nipples the Right Way!

Women have multiple orgasms, but did you know that on an average, a woman may take about 13 minutes and 25 seconds to orgasm while having sex? Well, if you are having difficulty in getting your woman to orgasm, you might want to refer to one of our sex queries that explains what is edging and tips to master the orgasm control sexual technique that has been known to give the best orgasm by actually dodging orgasm as much as possible.

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