This is the third part of a three-part post exploring a model of how BDSM roles and relationships interact. Part 1 looked at how our desires related to D/s (control) and SM (experiences) interact to form our kink identity. Part 2 explored how roles interact and why some pairings work well. This part looks at how the model can be used to adapt your personal style based on your partner.

You can find the others here (links updated as parts are published):
• Pt 1 — Mapping Our Kink Identity: The Relationship Between D/s and SM
• Pt 2 — Fine Tuning the Transactions (which roles play nicely together?)

This three dimensional model of erotic (kink) space comes from work done by Midori in 2006/07. If you prefer to view it as a slideshow, it is available on AugustusSeizeHer’s Fetlife profile.

Click here to view original web page at Deviance & Desire

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