Male Chastity Games & Challenges

Locktober is almost over, but do you know what would be really mean? Saying “perhaps we’ll keep it on for another week or two”.

In a piece called Orgasm Control, Teasing and Denial Can Set Your Long Distance Relationship on Fire, I wrote about the importance of keeping the chastity experience positive and fun.

Done well, it can be intensely pleasurable and sadomasochistic, and a potent form of power exchange. But, in the same way that it can bring sustained pleasure, it can go wrong very quickly

It’s all about communication, and making it an erotic and positive experience.

A while ago we suggested some fun ways to play with chastity in our article Sexy Chastity Games for boys and their Keyholders.

I just came across even more devious amusements at SexualAlpha in Ruby Moore’s article 19 Fun Male Chastity Games & Challenges To Experience. The games don’t require any special equipment, and they’re easy to customise to your specific dynamic.

There are games with cards, marbles, dice and keys; some that determine time in the cage and some that offer a chance of release. They’re a lot of fun.

Let the games begin!

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