Remote-Controlled Fun

The beauty of remote control products is that they're perfect for use in almost any circumstance - alone or with a partner, in the privacy of a bedroom or secretly in public. You can keep the remote control (stimulating yourself with a toy that has a remote means no awkward reaching or leaning while you pleasure yourself) or you can hand the remote off to your lover. Many partners enjoy this form of love play because it not only allows for a pleasant surprise but also for a level of power play that''s innocent yet arousing. Plus, how much more fun can it be than to be secretly stimulating each other at a dinner party while nobody is the wiser.

Remote Control Clitoral Stimulators

Designed to resemble a harness or pair of G-string panties, the hands-free clitoral stimulators (also called a "butterfly" vibe) is a small, intense vibrator held fast to a woman''s clitoris for an intense, localized vibration. The miniature motor is housed in a plastic casing resembling a butterfly, dragonfly or even a seashell.

The sensations produced by these happy little critters can be incredibly strong - too strong for some women''s tastes. If you enjoy a deep, intense vibration, the butterfly vibe might be a great option for you, especially if you fancy wearing it out of the house. Yes, it''s true: some women really get a kick out of wearing their vibrating panties and toys to work. And why not? A quick rush of blood to the groin area might be just what you need to get through the day if you have a boring job. For added excitement, try the remote-controlled panty. Your significant other will enjoy randomly turning you on and off during a movie, grocery shopping trip, bowling game, etc. Warning: these vibes do make some noise, so only use them if you''re relatively alone, there''s plenty of background noise or if you don''t care that people might know your little secret.

No matter what you choose, we're sure these toys will be a welcome addition to any woman's collection.

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