For some, the words 'shower sex' has them tingling with delight, for others it conjures uncomfortable visions of slipping on soap and limbs that can't quite stretch to where they need to go.

But, however you feel about shower sex, there's no denying that — when done right — it's a pretty steamy affair for all involved.

So, whether you thought you'd given up on trying, are worried about slipping or are just looking for an altogether new position to experiment with under the warm trickle of water, we've found a shower sex position that everyone should try: The wraparound.

Not only does this simple position feel particularly intimate and steamy, it also comes with a much lower risk of falling over and virtually no chance of your limbs aching the following day.

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This position involves both of you standing, facing each other, with one person leaning against the nearest wall for support (make sure to angle the shower head away from your faces and on to your bodies for this to work). Then, the partner who is against the wall simply wraps one leg around the behind of the other to pull them closer.

Not only does this position allow for deeper penetration, it also enables you and your partner to be even more passionate and intimate, as you can kiss and caress one another while face-to-face.

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