Spooning is infamous for being that go-to lazy sex position. But trust us when we say that you can have some of the hottest romp sessions in this cosy set-up. One, you are in skin-to-skin contact from your neck down to your feet. And two, you get to feel every inch of them inside, from the beginning of the thrust till the end. Moreover, since you are in so much physical contact, there are a lot of opportunities for extra sensation. Here's how to take your spooning game up a notch.

Play with Your Fingers

Since spooning sex usually happens early in the morning or late at night when you are particularly lazy to move, it can be an excellent opportunity to explore your clitoris or your vagina with your fingers. You can also ask your partner to do so.

How to Finger Your Girl

Add a Lube

Lube not only makes intercourse better, but it goes a long way when you are not too wet on your own. You would want lube for spooning; else the close-contact position can feel extremely rough. Sex Tips: Do Men Feel Inadequate When Women Use a Vibrator During Sex?

Lube 101

Play with Your Hips

In the spooning position, you and your partner have easy access to each other's private parts. Besides, it is also the perfect position to pay attention to each other's hip bones which is actually one of the erogenous zones. Squeeze and tickle your partner's hips and have them squeeze yours. Sex Up Your Weekend: Hot Tips To Get Your Partner Wild With Lust!

Experiment with Positioning of The Leg

Spooning is often considered boring as you are lying down without moving your body much. Get playful with your legs to spice up your session. Place one foot on top of your other shin and lift the other towards the ceiling. Bend both your knees and all the twist will drastically change the feeling inside you. Hot Sex Positions For Beginners: Never Had Sex Before? Easy First-Night Poses You Can Try.


And who said you could only do spooning while lying down? For G-spot stimulation, you can also have your partner sit on the edge of a chair, or a bed and they sit on them facing away.

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