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  • 1Nov

    How to do the 69 sex position as successfully and comfortably as possible

    Ariana Grande’s steamy new song 34+35 has brought 69-ing back into the fore. The pop superstar’s sex-positive lyrics are poised to make the sex position more popular as people all over the world do the maths. Continue reading

  • 28Jul

    7 Steamy Sex Positions That Utilize Sex Toys For Added Oomph

    So many people think sex toys are only good for masturbating, and I, for one, feel bad for these people! There are so many great sex positions with sex toys with that couples rarely explore, and it’s about darn time said positions get the hype they deserve. From the Best Seat In The House to the Choose Your Own Adventure, there are tons of ways to incorporate sex toys like vibrators and strap-ons into your next love-making sesh, and I’ve rounded up seven guaranteed-to-please positions below, plus some toys you’ll definitely want to Add To Cart before your next booty call. Continue reading

  • 2May

    52 Sex Questions To Find Out Exactly What Your Partner Likes In Bed

    Whether you’ve been intimate for years or are just beginning the physical component of your budding relationship, it’s probably a good idea to learn what your partner likes sexually. It’s crucial to know their turn-ons, turn-offs, fantasies, and pleasure points. It won’t just make sex better for them, it’ll make sex better for you, too. I can’t be the only one who gets turned on seeing my partner moan ecstatically because they’re loving how I gently kiss their neck.

    Continue reading

  • 30Apr

    Inside the virtual sex parties and orgies heating up lockdown

    As it turns out, there’s nothing like a global pandemic to get you in the mood. With everyone stuck in lockdown, it seems people are hornier than ever: sex toyscondoms, and sex dolls have spiked in sales, Pornhub has seen a surge in visitors, and searches for homemade sex toys are on the rise. Continue reading

  • 11Apr

    Now’s the Time to Learn How to Sext

    In the uncharted waters of COVID-19, life has been put on hold. Dating IRL has gone digital—and sex? Let’s just say it’s a great time to learn how to sext. Even if you’ve never sexted in the past, didn’t have an interest in it, or just never had it come up, more people are turning to their devices for intimacy that’s not just possible in person right now. Continue reading

  • 2Apr

    23 Oral Sex Positions You Need In Your Life

    Oral sex positions can be sooooo much more than “foreplay” (a word that probably shouldn’t even exist since all sex is sex.) For one, oral sex can be incredible. And since most women do not have an orgasm from penetration alone, oral sex’s clit-centric sensations are a way more reliable route to pleasure. Continue reading

  • 29Mar

    9 Foreplay Positions That Are Fun Enough to Be the Main Event

    When we’re talking sex positions, we tend to focus solely on the main event: where to do it, how to do it and how to transition from one part of doing it to another part of doing it. Mostly absent from this discussion is any mention of foreplay positions — the very stuff that gets us doing it in the first place. This oversight is negligent at best, criminal at worst. Because after all, one can’t have a middle and end without first having a beginning. And really, one can’t reasonably expect to reach a rewarding conclusion without putting in at least a little work on the front-end. Continue reading

  • 19Mar

    12 variations of the '69' position

    When a position has been around as long as 69 has, it’s bound to inspire a slew of iterations — some of which resemble the original, and others of which no longer look like it at all. We humans are a pretty inventive bunch, and one of the things we’re best at is coming up with new ways to get it on. So it should come as no surprise that we’ve collectively dreamt up enough 69 spinoffs to comprise an entire genre of 69 sex positions. (It should also come as no surprise that about 115,000 people type “69 sex positions” into their search engines of choice each month.) Continue reading

  • 9Feb

    What Women Really Want In Their Porn

    What turns women on? The only clear answer seems to be “it’s complicated.” Growing numbers of women have gravitated toward adult entertainment in recent years, and the question is increasingly important to porn production companies worldwide as they try to tap into the 51% of the population that their industry has perennially ignored. Continue reading

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