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  • 4Nov

    BDSM - Safer kinky sex

    BDSM: Safer Kinky Sex is designed to provide you with information to help reduce your risks. This edition contains updated and expanded information throughout with new information on hepatitis C, HPV, MRSA, cleaning toys, condoms, lubricants, shaving, cutting and harm reduction. e have also striven to make this resource more trans inclusive. Some transmen or people on the trans masculine spectrum call their genitals their front hole, and not a vagina. To acknowledge this important difference, we will use vagina and frontal hole. Continue reading

  • 30Apr

    Inside the virtual sex parties and orgies heating up lockdown

    As it turns out, there’s nothing like a global pandemic to get you in the mood. With everyone stuck in lockdown, it seems people are hornier than ever: sex toyscondoms, and sex dolls have spiked in sales, Pornhub has seen a surge in visitors, and searches for homemade sex toys are on the rise. Continue reading

  • 17Apr

    How to Have Amazing Hand Sex with Any Body

    Getting handsy. Hand hanky-panky. Call hand sex whatever the heck you want, just quit pushing it to the side (or relegating it to middle school) like it doesn't deserve a regular place in your sex life. Continue reading

  • 16Apr

    5 Positions That Prove Clothes Make Sex Hotter

    There\'s a reason strippers don\'t just stride out on stage buck naked then just stand there eating a banana or something. Clothes, (and/or other sexy accessories we\'re wearing at the time), and how we remove them, make sex hotter. It\'s part of the tease and the build-up that can make sex really memorable instead of just another toss. Each new body part revealed seems like a revelation, a prize somehow. Continue reading

  • 13Apr

    6 Positions That Make Anal Sex Easier & Less Intimidating

    Let’s be real. Even for those of us who have a generally open-minded, been-there-done-that attitude about sex, the thought of anal sex can still seem a little scary if you’ve gone there. For one reason or another, anal is usually the final frontier sexually — and there can be a whole lot of buildup. Continue reading

  • 4Apr

    11 Sex Positions That Help You Orgasm

    Despite practically every movie or show ever showing women having quick n\' easy orgasms after a couple minutes of penetration, that is some way unrealistic BS for most of us. If it\'s difficult or bloody well impossible to have an orgasm with vaginal penetration alone —congratulations!—you are completely normal! Less than 20 per cent of us can have an orgasm that way. Continue reading

  • 2Apr

    23 Oral Sex Positions You Need In Your Life

    Oral sex positions can be sooooo much more than “foreplay” (a word that probably shouldn’t even exist since all sex is sex.) For one, oral sex can be incredible. And since most women do not have an orgasm from penetration alone, oral sex’s clit-centric sensations are a way more reliable route to pleasure. Continue reading

  • 2Mar

    11 Seriously Hot Solo Sex Positions

    Self-love with your own hand, something from your toy stash or a particularly fetching household object is all kinds of good. It's healthy, teaches you what kind of touch does it for you, and it's sex that's drama-free and conveniently located. Continue reading

  • 14Feb

    A beginner's guide to kinky sex

    Kinky sex covers a whole host of sexy things, from BDSM and power play to fetish and role play. It can be confusing to understand exactly what counts as kinky sex, and how you can do it yourself. So if you're looking to get into kink for the first time, or you want more tips on how to do it safely, here is everything you need to know. Continue reading

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