7 Hot Oral Sex Positions That Are Actually Comfortable

For some people, receiving and performing oral sex in any form — cunnilingus, fellatio, or anilingus — is irresistible. It's intimate, it's hot, and it offers some (especially people with clitorises) a quicker path to orgasm. Not to mention, the tongue is an incredibly powerful muscle, capable of intensely stimulating some of the body's most sensitive parts. The catch? So many default oral sex positions feel uncomfortable to be in for long periods of time. A little dramatic, sure, but have you tried 69ing as the partner on top? It's a lot of work! Lesser-known comfortable oral sex positions do, in fact, exist to allow both you and your partner to feel supported and free to soak in every satisfying bodily sensation instead of worrying you'll crush your partner if your arms give out. Continue reading