• 17Jan

    Kegel Exercises For Men

    Controlling ejaculation is a huge issue for many men, one that they are often too embarrassed to bring up. How do I control myself? How can I last longer, be firmer and do better? The answer is working out your pubococcygeus muscles (PC) muscles, by doing Kegel exercises for men.
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  • 3Aug

    Oral Sex Tips to Use on Him

    Sometimes it's good to review the basics -- you know, take a refresher course on a sexual staple like fellatio, especially if it's been a while or you've gotten into a rut or you're simply not as confident as you'd like to be in the oral skills department.

    If you happen to fall into any of these categories, then check out the basic steps below to help get you over the hump, as it were.

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  • 3Aug

    Sperm: Put A Smile On Her Face

    The scientific community is more likely to study the effects of light particles travelling from A to B, rather than a nun and a rabbi entering a bar. Like those two old joke staples, I guess comedy and science aren’t supposed to mix. So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that Lazar Greenfield, M.D. president-elect of the American College of Surgeons and inventor of the Greenfield Filter, has been pilloried for attempting to make light of a serious scientific subject.
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  • 1Aug

    Size Doesn’t Matter

    Americans are obsessed with size and frankly, it’s getting a little tired. Certainly there are reasons for it – if nothing succeeds like excess then it makes sense that amplitude of everything from our cars to our breasts to our Big Gulps to our waists to our phones end up being a subject of interest or exaggeration.  There is one thing, though, the size of which I get tired of seeing attended to (besides women) and that is the penis.

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  • 30Jul

    20+ Things You Didn’t Know About Penises – But Should!

    I’m sure that a bunch of you out there think with your penis, but how much time is spent thinking about them? Actually, don’t answer that. Instead, let’s just safely assume that you know nothing about your member except where to stick it (you’ve probably messed that one up a few times, too). Here’s 20 important facts you might have learned in Health class if you weren’t so busy looking at the ‘Breast Examination’ section. Continue reading

  • 15Jul

    What is the best way to put on a steel cock ring?

    There are men who have issues putting on a metal cock ring, especially those that are non-adjustable. This is because both your cock and your balls have to go through the mechanical tool. What do you think is the best way to do it, without unnecessary pain and difficulty?

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  • 6Jul

    How to Measure Your Penis

    Finding out your penis size is generally important to most men - it's especially nice to find out that your cock is larger than average size! Here's how to measure your cock to give you an accurate estimate of your size.

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  • 14Jun

    Sex Toys for Men

    At times it can seem like most products are made for women only - not true! Sinful Thrills carries an entire line of products for men only, everything from potions and ticklers to erection rings, masturbators, pumps and extenders, all of which have one thing in common: they're for men only! While some men refuse to use these types of toys, others really love them. Again, it's really up to you and your personal tastes. At Sinful Thrills, we recommend you try everything once - after all, you might find that male sex toys bring an exciting dimension to your sex life - alone or with a partner.

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  • 12Jun

    Tips for Men Buying Lingerie

    Guys, before you set out to buy your lovely lady something special from the lingerie department, here are a couple of tips to help you pick out something that she really will enjoy.

    First of all, buying lingerie for your sweetheart can be both an intimate and thoughtful present, but it depends on how you do it. If you are not careful, she might perceive your present, as merely you acting like a pervert.

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