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  • 17Feb

    7 Hot Oral Sex Positions That Are Actually Comfortable

    For some people, receiving and performing oral sex in any form — cunnilingus, fellatio, or anilingus — is irresistible. It's intimate, it's hot, and it offers some (especially people with clitorises) a quicker path to orgasm. Not to mention, the tongue is an incredibly powerful muscle, capable of intensely stimulating some of the body's most sensitive parts. The catch? So many default oral sex positions feel uncomfortable to be in for long periods of time. A little dramatic, sure, but have you tried 69ing as the partner on top? It's a lot of work! Lesser-known comfortable oral sex positions do, in fact, exist to allow both you and your partner to feel supported and free to soak in every satisfying bodily sensation instead of worrying you'll crush your partner if your arms give out. Continue reading

  • 8Dec

    New app gives you legal protection when you send nudes

    Sending nudes can be a fun, playful and sexy to do – if it’s right for you. But it also involves a level of trusting the person who receives your photos and believing they won’t exploit the situation, which sometimes can happen. Continue reading

  • 29Oct

    From Supernova to Splitting Bamboo... Best sex positions of all time

    Whether you’re after slow and sensual sex positions, deep penetration, oral sex positions, or just wanna try something new, there’s a sex position out there that’s sure to float your boat. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration or just want to mix things up in the bedroom, check out our ultimate guide to the best sex positions - complete with handy illustrations, too. Now, time to try them all...

    Continue reading

  • 22Sep

    How to Deal If Your Partner Won't Go Down On You

    Oral sex is like the cream cheese icing on a red velvet cake. For many, licking it off before indulging in the rest is irresistible. For others, the frosting can be overwhelming or unenjoyable. Continue reading

  • 11May

    How to Have an Oral Sex Orgasm, According to a Neuroscientist

    The one question I'm asked pretty much every day as a sex therapist and relationship expert turned neuroscientist is how to keep desire alive. Good news? Cultivating the pleasures of an oral sex orgasm can be a delightful way to ignite and reignite passion over the long haul. Continue reading

  • 28Apr

    11 sex games to play when you’re bored of lockdown

    If you’re bored and fed up of being stuck indoors, you’re not the only one, but don’t let this boredom tempt you into leaving the house. Once you’ve tired of watching TV and run out of flour for your banana bread and sourdough starters, spice things up by trying one of our sex games. Unfortunately, you need a lover to be in the same household for these – but if you’re isolating solo, we’ve got you covered as well, with our masturbation tips. From the classics to the quirky, here’s how to ease your lockdown boredom by enjoying your partner’s body. Continue reading

  • 24Apr

    10 Confidence-Boosting Sex Positions That Will Have You Feeling Sexy AF

    Finding the confidence to truly feel sexy is difficult in any arena, but let’s be honest: it can be especially challenging in the bedroom. Once the clothes come off and it’s just you and a partner (or a few partners, if that’s your vibe), it’s easy for fear and self-consciousness to rear their heads—and nothing kills the mood quite like an insecurity you can’t ignore. Continue reading

  • 16Apr

    5 Positions That Prove Clothes Make Sex Hotter

    There\'s a reason strippers don\'t just stride out on stage buck naked then just stand there eating a banana or something. Clothes, (and/or other sexy accessories we\'re wearing at the time), and how we remove them, make sex hotter. It\'s part of the tease and the build-up that can make sex really memorable instead of just another toss. Each new body part revealed seems like a revelation, a prize somehow. Continue reading

  • 16Apr

    The One Thing Missing From Your Sex Life? Bondage

    For some, the fantasy started with the image of a silk grey tie. Although the prose in Fifty Shades of Grey left much to be desired (and little to the imagination), it normalised the idea of having sex while tied up. Of course, others were into bondage long before E. L. James. But the novel certainly played a big role in bringing the B in BDSM into the mainstream. Continue reading

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