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  • 6Aug

    6 myths about male orgasms you should stop believing

    When it comes to sex and sexual experiences, no two are the same. But stereotypes may cause you to believe blanket statements about sexual health and what's "normal." People with penises, for example, may think their penis size affects how good they are in the bedroom, or that premature ejaculation is incurable, when neither is true. To debunk pervasive penis and orgasm myths, we spoke with sexual health experts. Here's what they told us. Continue reading

  • 27Feb

    Female Ejaculation: What is Squirting, How to Squirt

    Despite how sexual you may be as a woman, very likely have you never experienced the amazing experience of squirting. In fact, only 21% of women have claimed to ever have squirted before. And even less (5%) claim that they squirt with regularity. Continue reading

  • 5Feb

    How to Measure Your Penis

    Finding out your penis size is generally important to most men - it's especially nice to find out that your cock is larger than average size! Here's how to measure your cock to give you an accurate estimate of your size.

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  • 5Feb

    Once & For All: Does Size Really Matter?

    There’s one question that has inspired endless debate — and it’s not, “What is the meaning of life?” or, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” The question is, of course, “Does size really matter?” And we’re not talking candy bars here. We’re talking penises. Continue reading

  • 13Oct

    Everything You Need to Know About the 69 Position

    Let's not sugarcoat it: 69-ing can be an incredibly vulnerable, awkward, and intimate sex position. Your nose is up close and personal with your partner's butt, you're practically practising yoga with a penis/dildo/clit in or around your mouth, and if your partner has a penis, there are balls to consider as well. Continue reading

  • 19Aug

    How Real Is the Sex You See in Pornography?

    Because visual pornography seems to be a part of many people’s early exposure to sexual material (a “fact” that isn’t really verifiable, but nonetheless is taken as true) it is often considered a form of sex education. And because, as adults, most of us don’t get the chance to talk honestly and openly about sex with a wide range of people, many adults continue to believe that what they see in pornographic films represents common sexual practice.

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  • 19Aug

    How Research Measures Average Penis Size

    Determining the average penis size for a group of males, let alone for men around the world, is more complicated than you might imagine. Unfortunately most information about average penis size comes from popular culture and not science. Let's start by considering some figures from science.

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  • 24Jul

    20+ Things You Didn’t Know About Penises – But Should!

    I’m sure that a bunch of you out there think with your penis, but how much time is spent thinking about them? Actually, don’t answer that. Instead, let’s just safely assume that you know nothing about your member except where to stick it (you’ve probably messed that one up a few times, too). Here’s 20 important facts you might have learned in Health class if you weren’t so busy looking at the ‘Breast Examination’ section. Continue reading

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