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  • 15Feb

    Exploring Taboo Fantasy Through Masturbation

    Most sex educators would agree that knowing our own sexual desires is an important part of sexual health. Simply having a desire or a fantasy is not the same thing as wanting to act that fantasy out in real life. For many people it can be perfectly healthy and safe to explore even extreme desires and fantasies through masturbation. If you are someone who feels distressed by your sexual desires, or out of control, then talking to a mental health professional is probably a better way to go. But if you just aren't sure where your limits are, using fantasy and masturbation can be a great way to map out those lines and understand what it is that turns you on.
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  • 18Jan

    Talk Dirty To Yourself

    Some of us talk to ourselves all the time. But how many of us talk dirty to ourselves? I'm not talking about the critical self-talk, where we put down how we look or tell ourselves that we'll never accomplish what we want. I'm talking about the good dirty talk, the talk that gets us hot and makes us feel pleasure and power. One way to advance your masturbation to a new level is to start adding dirty talk to your masturbation.
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  • 17Jan

    Voyeur Self Masturbation

    We tend to think of voyeurism as being the act of watching someone else. And for many it is. But the foundation of voyeurism is about watching or more broadly attending to something, and the ways that watching or attending is itself arousing.
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  • 10Jan

    Using Sex Toys for Stimulation and Fantasy in Masturbation

    Sex toys can be a wonderful addition to your masturbation repertoire and for some people sex toys are the first and only way masturbation works for them. Here are a few reasons why sex toys and masturbation go so well together.
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  • 10Oct

    When is the Right Time to Give Him Some Direction?

    As my friend Sean says, when it comes to a guy performing oral sex, if you have to ask “what do you like,” it’s already too late and you’re asking the wrong question (Sean likes to joke, “the real question you should be asking is, ‘Can I get you a cab’?”). But I disagree, and so do my other friends. When a sexual relationship is starting out, sometimes you have to ask.

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  • 20Aug

    67 New Blow-His-Mind Moves

    Truly spectacular sex skills, and the widest mix of stuff, come from a variety of sources. To bring you the absolute cream of the crop, we grilled guys for the unique techniques that left them speechless and spent, convinced chicks to reveal their best send-him-to-the-moon secrets, and asked pros for their never-fail standbys. Add some of these to your erotic arsenal, and then watch his sheets smolder.

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