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  • 17Nov

    10 Tips for Sexting

    Does anyone else miss the cringey text abbreviations and slang used when texting first became a thing?

    We may have come a long way from the days of “Hey QT I want 2 C U l8r” but we had the right idea. Texting is an effective and convenient way to keep in touch. Better yet, it’s a great way to keep the spark going with people you’re romantically or sexually interested in – that’s when it turns from texting to what we in the *biz* call sexting. Continue reading

  • 30Oct

    ‘He wants to try dirty talk… but I’m not confident enough’

    Compromise means finding things you like doing together so if talking dirty doesn’t feel good, don’t do it.

    ‘Is it the “talking” or the “dirty” that bothers you?’ asks James McConnachie. ‘Because dirty can mean degrading, which some people get off on but it’s pretty specialised. I don’t remotely see sex as something dirty.’

    We would even say that repeating insincere lines is the opposite of embodying sexual confidence, which is the ability to give and receive the emotions that come with intimacy. Continue reading

  • 10Oct

    The positive impacts frequently watching porn can have on your sex life

    People sure seem to have a lot of ~opinions~ on porn, and especially when it involves women watching porn. They often make assumptions about the kinds of porn women will want to watch, and due to ye olde sexism, women are often judged more harshly for watching adult films than men are. You've likely heard the argument that watching pornography can negatively impact your sexual experiences in real life. Which, sure, it can, with many psychologists and experts linking some people's reliance on adult films to erectile issues, for example. But, a new study has found that for women, watching porn could actually have some pretty positive effects. Continue reading

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