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  • 20Nov

    I Saw What My Husband Is Secretly Doing on His Computer - Do all men do this?

    Dear, how to do it once or twice a month, I look over and see porn playing on my husband’s computer. We’ll just be watching TV and I see it playing on mute, even though he’s slight angles his computer away from me. He doesn’t seem to go, masturbate afterwards or try to initiate anything with me. I know he uses porn to masturbate. I do, too. And we talk about it openly. But I’ve gotten no indication that he has any sort of addiction. Our sex life is great and normal. I’m not upset and don’t really care to confront him about it. But what is this signed? I don’t get it. Continue reading

  • 18Nov

    The Truth That Would Devastate My Husband - Every time we have sex, I can’t help but think about this.

    Dear, how to do it, my husband had an affair almost three years ago, I decided to stay initially for the kids, but he’s worked extra hard and done all the right things to make our life better than it was before the affair. That includes our sex life. We do it maybe three to five times a week. It’s always satisfying. There is a problem, however, I can’t orgasm unless I’m thinking about his boss. Let me explain. I’ve never met his boss, but my husband open up to him at work a few months after everything went down, his boss often asks about me and tells my husband how good I am to him. I have no desire to meet the man or sleep with him. But the first time this happened, I was having a flashback during sex of the woman my husband cheated with. And I tried to distract myself by thinking about something the boss had said that had made me feel good. It led to me imagining him having sex with me and having a very powerful orgasm. I feel guilty about this, and I know if I ever tell my blissfully unaware husband it would devastate him, especially since his boss has a different body type. And my husband has always been insecure about his height and build. Am I doing something really wrong here? Do I need to come clean? We’ve almost completely rebuilt trust. And I don’t want to mess that up after everything we’ve already been through signed mentally unfaithful. Continue reading

  • 16Nov

    I Feel Terrible About What Turns Me On. But It’s So Hot - Where do I go to get this removed from my brain?

    Dear, how to do it. I’m a woman with a really horrible fetish slash kink. I am incredibly turned on by people doing drugs. Cognitively, I know how horrible addiction is. I volunteered at a harm reduction facility in high school and college. I don’t want anyone to do drugs or get addicted to them. But my deepest, darkest fantasies involve me watching people do drugs. Seeing drugs in movies or in real life is the biggest turn on. It is in no way ethical to pursue this kink. So how do I get rid of it? Signed to high. Continue reading

  • 14Nov

    The Question You Can Never Ask Men on Dating Apps - Is this really so bad?

    Dear, how to do it. I’m recently back in the dating game after being in a long term relationship, and I’m new to using Bumble. I live in a rural area, so I may be driving three hours to meet someone on the app. I asked what I thought was a reasonable question. How important is sex to you in a relationship? I’m a gynaecologist, so sometimes my filter is off, but I evidently offended some guy I was chatting with. It’s not like I asked for a dick pic or asked what his favourite type of porn is. I just don’t want to drive three hours to find that there’s a major libido mismatch. Is that offensive? Should I just wait till I meet someone and there’s a spark to ask that question, is there a way to reword that request? Now I’m worried I’m going to get flagged for it signed. Just asking questions. Continue reading

  • 13Nov

    I Just Discovered What My Wife Secretly Thinks of Our Sex Life - I’m devastated.

    Dear, how to do it. My wife and I made friends with another couple in our neighbourhood last summer. We’re fairly young, childless and live in a conservative state. These people are a little older and way more open about sex than anyone we’ve ever known. I found this off. Putting it first. I heard way too many details, but I loosened up because of my wife’s seeming reaction to all the talk. It led to a big uptick in our sex life. We’ve gone from once every week or two to nearly every day and some stretches, and she’s been pushing us to try new positions and even toys. This was awesome to me, and I thought everything was great until a few days ago. I had beers alone with my male neighbour who asked me how my sex issues were going. I asked him what he meant. He said he knew from his wife that our sex life has been strained and that she was trying to make it better and was frustrated. He even said he knows having a smaller penis is tough. Needless to say, I was devastated to hear this, especially the comment about my size, which I always thought was satisfying to my wife. I nodded and said, We’re working on it now. I don’t know what to do. I haven’t brought this up. I have avoided sex with my wife. I think she’s noticing. I feel betrayed and like she’s been lying to me for our whole marriage. I honestly want to leave. What should I do? Signed not up to snuff. Continue reading

  • 12Nov

    I Thought I Was Pro-Sex Work - I never knew I’d judge my friends so harshly for a choice with their own bodies.

    Dear, how to do it. I always thought I was pro-sex work. I told myself it doesn’t matter how people make money, it’s real and valuable work, and it’s one of the world’s oldest professions, et cetera. And I always defended the profession when I heard people denigrate it. Even though I personally would never be a sex worker, I always thought I was an ally. But then some of my friends started doing OnlyFans and Snapchat Premium and even some actual porn. I can’t put my finger on why, but I find it really upsetting. These were women who were in med school, law school, the arts and other professional pursuits. And then they gave it up or postponed to post naked pictures of themselves online. I hate to admit it, but I realize that in my mind, sex workers were less intelligent than, say, doctors or lawyers. And I didn’t mind if random strangers did sex work because they probably didn’t have much going for them. I know that’s a horrible thought, and I hate even thinking it. How do I get over this prejudice and stop judging my friends signed judge and jury? Continue reading

  • 11Nov

    What I Just Caught My Wife Doing - I don’t even know how to bring this up.

    Dear, how to do it My wife and I, man and woman 30s have been married for almost two years. We live in a condo and last month my best friend Max just got a new job in our expensive city across the country and came to stay while he looks for his own place. This arrangement has been nice because we have no social lives for the past year plus thanks to COVID, but also a little frustrating at times because he’s always around and my wife and I have no alone time, so to speak. Max has boundary issues and acts like we are still roommates in our 20s. He thinks it’s fine to walk around in a towel and leave his clothes in the bathroom after he showers that kind of thing. I throw his dirty clothes at him, but my wife tolerates all of it. Even does his laundry sometimes when she’s doing it anyway. I shake my head at this, but I know she’s just trying to be a nice host. The other day, when I assume my wife thought I was still upstairs and Max was gone, I caught a glimpse of her picking up Max’s underwear from the bathroom floor and putting it up on her face. I couldn’t fully see, but it looked like she was smelling it. I was a little shocked and made some noise, and she acted as nothing happened. I have not mentioned this since, and I am not sure what to do. Max is finally leaving in a couple of weeks. I might be wrong about what I saw, but a part of me is now thinking about the few times they’ve been alone. I do trust my wife and Max, but the last year has made us all a little crazy. Charlie, bring this up to my wife. What should I say? Signed? Should I be worried?

    Continue reading

  • 9Nov

    Love at First Jizz - I fall in love with women for the most embarrassing reason possible—and they hate me for it.

    I’m a mostly straight guy, 31, and I exited a long term relationship about eight months ago. It was awful, but I’m feeling better about myself and I’m getting out there. The flirting and making out, et cetera, with new women have been very fun and wonderful for my self-esteem. The problem I’m experiencing isn’t very macho. Basically, when I come in somebody, I kind of fall in love with them. Seriously, their smell comes to me at odd times. Intrusive memories of recent encounters. What should we name our kids? After about a week of no contact, it fades and I’m no longer an obsessive creep. I’m in no way interested in nor ready for a relationship. Yet when I blow my load in somebody’s pussy or mouth, something just seems to click and I feel myself fall for them and crave them in a way I’m not comfortable with. My partners have not believed my reasons for cutting them off. I can’t bring myself to lie. So sometimes I just ghost. One person texted me, I was just another fuck boy with a line. But the truth is, I am in no rush to fall for someone again. I’m also horny. Is there a better way to go about screwing around without triggering these feelings and confusing everything? My partners signed love at first Jizz. Continue reading

  • 8Nov

    The Big Problem With Well-Endowed Men - It’s making me feel inadequate.

    Dear, how to do it. I’m a 32-year-old post-op male to a female transgender woman. Recently, I’ve met a wonderful guy named Tony Tony. Smart Funny makes me feel good about myself, and we have a great rapport over some shared interests in games and literature. The problem, however, is that he’s hung like a horse. I dilate regularly, and my largest violator is about 5.2" in circumference, which is well above the average penis girth. It’s uncomfortable to use, but it does keep things open. Tony circumference and we’ve measured it is just over 6.1" when erect. We’ve been doing oral and intercultural sex, but he simply will not fit inside me. Tony insists things are fine as they are. He’s had trouble with other women in the past too, but I would like to do vaginal sex and it’s making me feel inadequate for not being able to provide it. I don’t know what to do, and it gets me down to think too much about it. Please help signed feeling small. Continue reading

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