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  • 19Jan

    Valentine's Day Sex Toy giveaway!

    It's #sextoy #giveaway time!

    #WIN a @FetishFantasy vibrating strapless strap on worth £74.99! Continue reading

  • 1Oct

    How Do You Know If the Sex Is Good? Like Ridiculously Good?

    You’re breathing deep. The sheets are wet with sweat and love. The pillow behind your neck is cold as ice after spending twenty minutes jammed up against the air conditioner. Your body feels like it was just annexed by a friendly nation. So, was it good? How do you know?

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  • 30Sep

    The Politics Of Friends With Benefits

    Last week I went to see Friends With Benefits. Partly because work made me and partly because the invitation said there would be a bar. I had a good idea of what was going to happen without checking IMDB – Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake try to have regular casual sex and end up falling in lurve – but the whole thing was executed with a warmth and sweetness that made it hard not to like.

    However, anyone who is hoping for a few tips on how to have the perfect no strings set up will be sorely disappointed by it. I’m not an expert on love but I am endlessly conducting failed experiments on sex, dating and the best kind of biscuits to fix a broken heart. When it comes to maintaining a friend with benefits I think I’m pretty close to a major scientific break through.

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