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  • 9Apr

    The Ultimate Guide to Sensation Play

    Does the idea of a spanking leave you cold? Are you uninterested in the latest bondage rope materials available? Given the emphasis placed on impact play and rope bondage, you might wonder if you’re all that kinky. But just because you don’t love some of the more common types of kinky play doesn’t mean there aren’t other options for you or your partner to explore. Continue reading

  • 10Feb

    A Beginner's Guide to Sex Parties

    If you've never been to a sex party, what do you picture them looking like? Mysterious, elite soirées featuring masks and creepy rituals, à la Eyes Wide Shut? Sweaty orgies where people penetrate one another as a way of saying hi? Some other intimidating, sordid fuckfest that's probably best left to more extroverted, hyper-qualified sex-havers than the likes of you? Continue reading

  • 16Oct

    12 Things You Should Know Before Trying Wax Play

    While candles not only encourage and set the mood for having sex, some are even used by partners during sex. The act of intentional candle dripping for sexual reasons is called wax play, and while it's often associated with BDSM, it's not always categorised as such. Continue reading

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