Some of us talk to ourselves all the time. But how many of us talk dirty to ourselves? I'm not talking about the critical self-talk, where we put down how we look or tell ourselves that we'll never accomplish what we want. I'm talking about the good dirty talk, the talk that gets us hot and makes us feel pleasure and power. One way to advance your masturbation to a new level is to start adding dirty talk to your masturbation.

It can feel funny and awkward at first. Talking dirty to yourself while masturbating requires some immersion in sexual fantasy. But if you know that no one else can hear you, and you can get over your initial discomfort, you may be surprised at what comes pouring out.

Here are some tips on getting started. While masturbating,

  • tell yourself a story about a hot sexual encounter you actually had in the past,
  • describe (in great detail) a fantasy sexual scenario that you have played out in your mind,
  • pretend that you’re telling a partner (real or imagined) what you’re going to do to them sexually,
  • or imagine you are the other person, telling you what’s going to come next.

Talking dirty when you're alone is also a great way to practice dirty talk with a partner. Because it isn't something we do that often you need to just practice and have it become something not so strange. Once you're over the hump even if dirty talk doesn't end up doing a lot for you, it might be a great gift to a partner who is a fan of talking during sex.

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