Male sex toys aren’t the depraved-looking lumps of silicone they used to be. Engineers and inventors the world over have spent hundreds of hours designing, making, and (presumably) testing the sex toys that will shape the ways we choose to get it on for years to come, and their efforts have not been in vain.

Representing a vast departure from the plastic inflatable sex dolls you see on your classic coastal town stag do, the male sex toys of 2020 boast minimalistic designs, soft colour palettes and a payload of smart sex tech. They’re discrete and slick, with packaging to match.

Sex is great, we know that. Regular bedroom sessions benefit your body in many of the same ways as exercise – slashing stress levels, boosting your immune system, ensuring a decent night’s shut-eye and adding years to your life – whether you’re on a solo mission or partnered up. But when you bring a male sex toy into the equation, magical things can happen.

Think of it like an iceberg. Sex and masturbation is just the tip. Go deeper, and there’s a whole world of sensations waiting to be discovered that are anatomically challenging. Can you masturbate without using your hands? Maybe, but it isn’t easy. Does your prostate gland vibrate? It shouldn’t. Consider getting it checked by a medical professional.

Below we’ve picked out 10 of the best male sex toys to ‘add to cart’, from hands-free masturbators to dual-function prostate massagers and everything in-between.

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