To lube or not to lube? That is the question with an easy answer, according to sexperts, who often say the more lube the better. And although it might not be a habit you're used to, using lube with condoms is a particularly advisable idea. Luckily the best lubes for condoms can easily be found online or in your pharmacy, for all the sensual sexual fun you can imagine.

"Always use lube with condoms," sexologist and sex and relationship educator Jamie LeClaire tells Bustle. "By this I mean, on the external condom part of the condom, not under it. Lube helps prevent possible micro tears in the condom during use and prevents micro tears in the skin during penetration."

Certified sex coach and SKYN sex and intimacy expert Gigi Engle tells Bustle something similar, and adds that oil-based lubes can't be used with condoms as they degrade latex and furthermore, silicone lube can degrade and breakdown the silicone of your favorite silicone toys.

"That's why when in doubt, water-based lubes are the best choice," Engle says. "They absorb very easily into the skin, meaning you do have to reapply, but you'll never have to stress about greasy sheets."

Engle also says aways, always, always use lube during sexual play. Whether you get "super wet" or not, use lube anyway. It makes all sexual touching and intercourse more comfortable and can even lead to more orgasms.

Take a look below at some of the best super sexy water-based lubes if you are using condoms. They will only add to your fun, trust me.

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    250ml Lubido Paraben Free Water Based Lubricant

    Boost your libido and slap on a healthy dose of this super slick lubricant from Lubido. The easy to use pump allows you to quickly and efficiently obtain a helping of the slick stuff, ready for you to apply wherever you desire! Perfect for use with toys, this water-based, paraben free formula will keep things sensual and slippery.

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    Liquid Silk Water Based Lubricant 250ML

    A water based personal Lubricant, a wonderful skin conditioner its fun to use.

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    Gun Oil H2O Waterbased Lubricant

    Gun Oil H2O Waterbased Lubricant



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    Gun oil H2O water based lubricant is formulated to the same high quality specificatons as gun oil silicone based lube.

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    Wicked Toy Love Gel Waterbase Lubricant 100mls

    This rich and decadent Gel lubricant stays in place without running or mess. It's super thick texture conducts and enhances vibrations. The addition of Aloe is never sticky and leaves skin velvety soft.

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    Wicked Aqua Fragrance Free Water Based Lube 120ml

    Incredibly luxurious and silky smooth, this unique blend of spa quality ingredients, enriched with Aloe and Vitamin E is so rich you will be surprised it is not silicone. Absorbs completely with no residue, Wicked Aqua is designed to heighten sensation and intensify ecstasy. Being Wicked has never felt so good.

  • Nexus Slide Water Based Lubricant

    Slide into satisfaction with this thick, super slick water based lubricant.

There you have it, my friends. One of these will be certain to work for you and keep you very busy, slippery, and safe from tears.