Although some people aren't comfortable with the idea of anal play or penetration, an increasingly large number of people enjoy the intense stimulation afforded by the sensitive nerve endings found in the anus. Whether you enjoy light or deep penetration, slim or thick girth, smooth entry or lots of friction, remember to select a smooth, seamless toy for anal play, one with a flared or larger base. You don't want your toy to get lost in your rectum!

Three additional things are critical for safe anal play: communication, relaxation, and lots and lots of lubrication. Unlike a woman's vagina, the anal canal doesn't produce any sort of lubrication. The last thing you want to experience during anal play is the sharp, shooting pains that can accompany the insertion of a dry dildo. Take it slow, be gentle, and respect your partner's boundaries.

While many kinds of dildos can be used for anal play, you should always select one with a flared base so it doesn't slip in farther than you intend. The last thing you want to become is an emergency-room anecdote! For safest play, select a dildo that has been specifically designed for anal play.

Available in all sizes and shapes, anal dildos have a wide, flared base attached to a tapering shaft, which can vary in size and shape from a long, twisted phallus-shaped rod, to a short, stocky model that can be worn without restraint. Many people enjoy the sensation of fullness, similar to the sensation women experience during vaginal penetration. Other people employ a thrusting motion with their anal dildos. Whatever works. Just be gentle - otherwise you risk anal fissures and a host of other complications.

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