A traditional dildo is shaped like a phallus, which means it vaguely resembles a penis. Some can be quite realistic, especially if they're made from silicone. Others look nothing like the male member. They come in all sizes, shapes, textures and colors, from the smallest insertable to the (laughably) huge twelve-inch dildo. However, they all have one thing in common: they were made for thrusting.

When considering a traditional dildo, think about what you want. Some people prefer the simple sleekness of a smooth jelly dong. Others enjoy a more realistic shape and texture. Some people like small traditional dildos and others like obscenely large ones. It's really up to you. You might try experimenting with different vegetables to determine what size works best for you. When you find a veggie that fits just right, hunt for a traditional dildo of approximate size and shape. If you're not comfortable with the vegetarian approach, you may have to let trial and error determine your acceptable girth. As for texture, stroke a few floor models if you're shopping live. Pick the material that appeals to you most. If you don't find it potentially erotic, it's a colossal waste of time.

Traditional dildos are available in a variety of different styles, most of which can be categorized into the following groups:

  • Realistic Dildos Realistic dildos look just like the real thing - in fact, they're often cast from molds created from real penises. Like all sex toys, realistic dildos come in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures and skin tones, ranging from a healthy six inches to a whopping foot and a half. Most realistic dildos are made from silicone, jelly or rubber - textures that closely resemble human skin. Many realistic dildos have testicles, veins and other natural anomalies. Increasingly popular are those cast from famous penises - those belonging to popular adult film stars! Some people really enjoy the heft and natural look of these toys; others are a bit intimidated by these members.
  • Smooth Dildos Similar to slimline vibrators, these dildos are smooth, sleek and seamless, usually constructed of silicone, jelly or translucent rubber. These toys are relatively uncommon; the lack of friction makes them undesirable for many people. However, like all sex toys, they have their devotees: some people swear the smooth ride is delectable.
  • G-Spot Dildos G-Spot dildos come in two basic shapes: long, smooth shafts with a tilted tip, and stubby, knobby thick shafts with wide midsections. Whichever your preference, both function in relatively the same way - they're designed to hit a woman's G-Spot, that elusive area about three inches into the vaginal canal. Women point the knobby or tilted end upward, toward the magical spot, and apply pressure. This type of dildo isn't particularly appealing to women who don't enjoy G-Spot stimulation, but those who do say G-Spot dildos are incredible. If you aren't sure about your tastes, try one out. You might really like it. If you're interested in finding out if G-Spot stimulation is for you, these dildos are a good way to begin play. Use lots of lube and remember that most women respond to firm G-Spot pressure, not gentle stroking. These types of dildos are also great for stimulating the prostate.
  • "Other" Dildos For whatever reason, some people prefer that their sex toys resemble anything but a penis. We've seen silicone, jelly and rubber vegetables, dolphins, mysterious wand-like creations, space-age designs with little dangly things hanging off the end - we don't question anything! If a particular dildo exists, as weird as it may look, it must have a market. Keep an open mind and give it a try

Some women prefer traditional dildos because using them seems more like traditional intercourse, but offer more control. In fact, some men have been known to become jealous of their partner's buddy - why would any woman with an always-erect penis at her disposal want a big, messy man around the house? Never fear, guys. A traditional dildo can provide crashing orgasms, but it can't provide the intimacy and touch that you can..

Double-Ended Dildos

These party toys are meant for two; a double dildo is nothing more than two realistic dildos joined at the base - with a little extra wiggle room. Any hetero- or homosexual combination can make good use of a double dildo (or "double dong," as they're sometimes called): man and man, man and woman, and woman and woman. Usually not a great choice for newbies (these dildos can appear alarmingly large), double dildos can make a tasteful addition to the true connoisseur's treasure chest.

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