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Looking for a bunny or rabbit vibrator , toys for men , or couples toys to add fire to your sex life? Sinful Thrills has a huge range of adult toys, all at unbeatable prices with fast, discreet delivery and backed by our 1-year satisfaction guarantee. Whether you’re new to adultn toys or looking for something new to add to your collection, our adult toys are sure to satisfy.

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There’s honestly no limit to the number of toys a person should have—you have more than one pair of shoes, right? So you probably need a wardrobe full of vibrators too. The only bad thing about sex-toy shopping is that there are a lot of options. Between the high-tech adorably small , and powerhouse  versions, there’s just a ton of types and styles to sort through.

To help get you started, we list below some of the latest sex toys currently available on the market, the toys that have been most viewed, and the ones that customers ultimately bought.

Add Sex Toys & relight the fire in your relationship

No matter who you're having sex with, there are some awesome sex toys for couples you can use with your partner - from clitoral vibrators and wand vibrators , to butt plugs  and&nbsplubricants . Try remote control toys to take your couples' play outside of the house. Your partner can control the vibrations, and therefore your pleasure, using the remote. It's super fun and can produce intense internal orgasms.

Before you buy your first Sex Toy

Buying your first sex toy is always a bit of a crapshoot. There’s no way to know what you’ll like without trying it, and while some sex shops do offer satisfaction guarantees, none offer “try out” rooms anymore (legend has it, some did back in the 80s). This doesn’t mean you can’t improve the chances of your first toy being one you’ll love. My best advice is to choose something inexpensive and versatile; something that will let you try different things and won’t turn you off toys altogether if it doesn’t do it for you and you now feel like you’ve wasted £100. Here are a few other tips before you buy.

You may not know exactly what you want, but if you have an idea of what sort of stimulation you like it can help you narrow down the options. The best way to find this out is through masturbation. If you’re not comfortable with masturbation a toy isn’t going to solve that problem. Start on your own without toys. If you’re a bookworm you might want to pick up a good book about sex toys (if not there are plenty of online sex toy primers).

What do you want your Sex Toy to do?

Most people choose sex toys based on utility. Sex toys are not made for particular kinds of people, they are made for particular kinds of sex play. Do you want something for external stimulation, penetration, or both? Do you want a toy that will do things on it’s own, or only one that moves when you do? Are you looking for a toy for anal play, a toy meant to be worn on the penis, clitoris, or nipples, something to increase or decrease sensation? There are no “best” answers to these questions, and the path to finding a sex toy you like can be as much fun as using the toy you end up with.

Find the best Sex Toy to use alone, together, or both

Adult toys aren’t made for specific people, but some are designed more for solo or partner play. Often when you get a sex toy that’s good for two each partner has to compromise something. Whereas if you’re only trying to please yourself there are fewer criteria to meet. Some couples end up with two toys they use together while others prefer simplicity and meet in the middle with one toy that is good enough for both.

How much do you want to spend on a Sex Toy?

There isn’t always a correlation between quality and pleasure. An inexpensive adult toy can be just as much fun as a luxury toy, but it probably won’t last as long. Once you know what you like we recommend investing in high end toys as they are less wasteful and often have better designs. But to start off with, unless you’ve got a lot of money to spend, we recommend sticking with budget toys until you know what you want. There’s nothing worse than spending £130 on a toy that ends up gathering dust under your bed.

Reacting to your Sex Toy

Another consideration before you buy your first toy is whether you’ll have a bad physical reaction to the toy. While more adult toy manufacturers are taking this into account the majority of adult toys are still made of mystery materials that can cause painful allergic reactions. If you are prone to infections or allergic reactions, or if you live with a compromised immune system, be sure to ask about the safety of the material.

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